Coming from a close family and being a fan of team sports since he was young, Jean-Daniel Chevalier, the founder, is of the opinion "that one is good but two is better". Former football player of the Carabins of the University of Montreal, he advocates exchanges, respect, honesty and dedication. Values hat became the primary criteria in employee selection interviews. Services Chevalier is a recruitment company, so we have to select "the cream of the cream". Moreover, Jean-Daniel's first jobs were mainly in the fields of events, hotels and restaurants.

Always looking for the opportunity that would allow him to start his own business, he was able to identify a need for access to the sites. Particularly in the city of Montreal and its surrounding area, finding parking near its favorite restaurant or at an event can be long and complicated. It is at this moment that our team is highlighted in order to facilitate all to each of your guests wanting to come to your event.

Our mission is to ensure that your evening is a success from start to finish!



Restaurants, hotels or special events organizers call us today to plan parking management and valet parking to meet your visitor's expectations and facilitate access to your event / party. We are able to adapt our service according to your needs in terms of valet parking.